Excellent Thinker Setting standards, cutting costs

We offer a number of services to our clients, ranging from business plans to get the company up and running to logos and websites to give or enhance our clients’ presence in the marketplace. Click to see what is on offer from our team of professionals.

Our team of experts are fully equipped to give the correct support and advice, regardless of your business stage. Whether it’s on company formation, sales and marketing advice or bespoke training requirements, we have the right team for the job.

If you’d like further information or have a unique or specific query, please feel free to email us directly or use our connect page to submit a query.

Our Work the things we do to please our clients


Ideas are great and putting them onto paper in a way that is clear and concise can require help. We package your ideas in a way that will enable you to access the finance you need and a working document to keep you on track.


Formulating your concepts and content into an appealing context that makes your potential and existing clients come back for more. We love bringing ideas to life in imaginative and engaging ways that appeals to your target group.


We are on multiple social and media platforms and know how to make the right noise and ensure your message is heard by the right people. We can promote on your behalf or show you the right methods so you can do it yourself.

Part of the 'Dragons Den' style panel, assessing fundraising bids with Black Fundraisers UK
Part of the ‘Dragons Den’ style panel, assessing fundraising bids with Black Fundraisers UK


Whether you need consultancy advice on how to progress, grow and develop or need a specific technical solution to recurrent problems and challenges, we are available to guide you to the next level.

About Us the story behind the company


We offer a wealth of experience in the realm of business and consultancy. We have a firm belief in the importance that attention to detail has in business. Also we’re aware of the impact that the cutting of even a few minutes from a process can have. We’re willing to provide even the smallest of tasks, as we understand the impact it can have. Our standards are second to none and our results will be your success.

Excellent Thinker was established in 2008, on the basis of providing much needed help and direction to businesses and organisations around the world. Every business has two main concerns; increasing revenue and reducing costs, which are valid and important areas to look at, especially given the current economic climate we face. Saving the organisation time has a knock on effect of also reducing costs, so we look at processes currently in place, streamlining where possible.


With extensive and varied experience in the realms of management and business, our consultancy offers assistance in developing businesses to achieve their goals in their chosen field. We have successfully created and developed business plans for new start-ups seeking funding for becoming established in their chosen area, as well as formulating and ratifying ideas for further streams of income for existing businesses.

Being well versed in numerous software packages and having become affiliated with organisations in other related areas over the years, we are also able to confidently deliver or outsource any training and development needs which may be lacking from your organisation.


Excellent Thinker is here to provide you with solutions for your needs, give you more information and answer your questions.